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So, you have decided you want to live the “Car Free Lifestyle”

For whatever your reasoning is behind your decision whether it be a physical limitation, a financial limitation, or just because you are tired of the hassle, it doesn’t matter, we are here to share some thoughts, resources and tools to assist you in adapting to life without a car.

Before we discuss ditching the car, we need to consider a few different thing, it may be that you will have to change a number of things about how and where you live.  If you have kids, it may be quite difficult for you to manage,  Also, if you live in a remote area, truthfully maybe you should re-think the idea of car free living unless you have decided to move to a different area.  Living car free is not for everyone.

If you live in a major city in North America, you will are going to have much better luck, although some cities are better than others.  I live in Toronto, and I find that the public transportation system is far superior to that of Vancouver.  Then again from what I understand, if you live in Los Angeles, it is very difficult to live car free.  My plan is (with the help of others, hopefully) to feature a list of North American cities with a “car free” rating. Personally I can only speak about the cities that I have lived in which I have already mentioned.  I’ve visited Montreal, and their public transportation seems excellent, of course the hitch there is that it’s difficult to navigate if you don’t speak French.  If you live in a small town typically the lack of transportation infrastructure may be a problem, of course the upside with a small town is that everything is closer.  Having never lived in a small town it’s difficult for me to make an assessment.

So, first you need to give some thought to the logistics of your life and whether or not the car free lifestyle will work for you.

In my next post, I’m going to discuss the options for the two major problems with living car free: getting to work, and getting groceries and supplies.

In the meantime if you are in Canada have a look at this:
and if you are in the US, have a look here: